waf + anti-ddos

Cost-effective multi-layered protection for websites and apps

Over the past year, Russian companies have experienced a strong surge in DDoS attack. Several independent sources estimate that from 2021 to 2022 their number increased eightfold. Projects range from large IT services and applications to small company websites and online event broadcasts. To keep your users' data safe and your server running smoothly, use multiple layers of protection.

Protection from the OWASP Top Ten security risks

Bot activity prevention (DNS/JS checks, BOT signatures, browser behavior analysis)

Passive Vulnerability Scanner

Protection against client-side attacks (CSP, CSRF injection)

Credential stuffing protection

Brute force prevention

Hidden site directory search prevention (DirBuster)


linx protect benefits

resource effectiveness

The Linx staff takes care of implementation, operation, and support of the product, allowing your IT team to focus on key business objectives

reduction of it infrastructure load

The product runs in the cloud and doesn’t consume the resources of your physical IT infrastructure. The protection mechanisms make it possible to identify and block bots without affecting legitimate users

up-to-date protection policies

Our own honeypot network allows you to collect data about new attack vectors in the darknet and create up-to-date signatures and security policies

99.9% accuracy

Minimum false positives when analyzing incoming traffic thanks to the continuous analytical work of the Linx team

24/7 monitoring

Prompt incident response 24/7

easy start

Enable protection by simply redirecting traffic to Linx Protect with a DNS record

The goal of a DDoS attack is to take your equipment offline. It could be competitors who want to disable your platform, damage your reputation or sales, or it could be hackers looking for vulnerabilities. Regardless of the objectives, the technology is the same:

  1. Malicious requests are sent to the server.
  2. Its power is failing.
  3. It goes down.

Each provider has its own algorithms, but protection is always based on traffic filtering. The system sends requests to intermediate addresses, runs it through special equipment and internal services to clean it up. Malicious requests are discarded, and purified traffic is sent to the server.

Для усиления безопасности Linx Cloud использует несколько технологий — пассивный сканер уязвимости, облачные сервисы, которые позволяют запускать мощные алгоритмы проверки, файервол веб приложений WAF для анализа трафика и т.д. В совокупности они позволяют поддерживать высокий уровень защиты от большинства видов атак.

architecture of linx protect



3,544 rubles per day


4,428 rubles per day


6,500 rubles per day


A data protection and disaster recovery solution tailored to your particular needs

Licenses and certificates

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