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Linxdatacenter launches its own PaaS tools

Linxdatacenter reports the launch of a toolkit of new products for the LinxCloud platform users, enabling them to use not only infrastructure but also platform-level services.

New products cover most urgent business needs in the field of cloud resources and services related to storage, process and analysis of big data, cloud computing and container development.

These products include Linx GPU powered by graphic processors, object storage Linx S3 for processing corporate data, Linx DB for working with databases, and Linx Kubernetes for cluster management.

In the future the toolkit will be expanded with Linx Big Data, allowing to process large amounts of data, and Linx CDN, a network content delivery service.

“Combination of our partners’ readymade products with infrastructure resources of our data centers and our own services in the field of data storage and processing, as well as information security, will guarantee us a notable place in the segment of platform-based cloud solutions,” comments Stanislav Bratchikov, Product Manager of Linxdatacenter.

Aside from the product approach, the project will include ready offers for specific industries and solutions for concrete business tasks. Industry packages cover game development, e-commerce, education, media services, fintech, retail, agriculture, healthcare, logistics, finance and insurance.

Solutions for business tasks include tools for most common needs: website deployment in the cloud, fast launch of a webstore, storage and processing of personal data, automatization of call centers, chat bots etc.

“The cloud providers’ market in Russia is shifting towards the model of competition of native cloud tools. Linxdatacenter will be offering customers ready products, focused on specific tasks and requirements,” adds Andrey Perekrest, General Director of Linxdatacenter.

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