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Linxdatacenter launches an application and infrastructure protection service Linx Protect

Linxdatacenter announces the launch of Linx Protect. It provides multi-level protection of Internet resources and web applications against cyberattacks with minimal involvement of customer's IT specialists and no capital expenditures

Linxdatacenter reports the launch of a new product Linx Protect. The product provides multi-layer protection of internet resources and web applications from cyberattacks and requires minimal involvement of customers’ IT team and no capital investment.

The distinctive feature of Linx Protect is combination of two components: Web Application Firewall (WAF) and TCP/UPD services protection against DDoS attacks and OWASP TOP10 threats.

WAF consists of a set of monitors and filters intended for discovery and blocking of network attacks on web applications.

Services protection blocks DDoS attacks via filtration of any types of harmful traffic, which can be organized via a IPIP/GRE protocol based tunnel, proxying or directly at the physical site.

Aside from blocking DDoS attacks on L3-L5 and L7 (optional) levels, the product allows to prevent bot activities (DNS/JS checkups, BOT signatures, browser behavior analysis, CAPTCHA) and provides protection against attacks on the client’s side (CSP, CSRF injection) and credential stuffing incidents.

Linx Protect employs its own network of traps (Hopneypot) and integration with the Threat Intelligence (TI) data platform to form effective security policies.

Linxdatacenter’s team takes full responsibility for the product implementation and support: setup of individual security policies for web applications, regular analysis of false triggering, making changes to protection mechanisms, constant monitoring of incidents and reaction. This frees Linx Protect users from manually setting up the product themselves or needing to possess advanced knowledge of cybersecurity, thus saving resources of the customer companies’ IT departments.

“Linx Protect ensures end-to-end protection of customers’ infrastructure and web applications at all levels due to a wide range of tools. The product includes a passive vulnerabilities scanner, prevention of account matching and blocking of search for hidden directories on the website (DirBuster). It is an efficient solution for the current economic situation, based on state-of-the-art security technologies and enabling our customers to optimize usage of their internal resources,” comments Oleg Fedorov, Products and Solutions Manager, Linxdatacenter. 

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