64 RAM
24 CPU

Lease of cloud server with GPU

For high-performance computing, machine learning, remote video processing and 3D graphics

Увеличение производительности
до 20 раз
We use the most advanced GPUs specifically designed for AI, data analytics, and high-performance computing
Cost savings
до 75%
Renting cloud GPU servers instead of buying hardware can reduce costs by up to 70%
от 200 р./час
Save time and resources with a prebuilt set of highly scalable solutions
Вычислительные ресурсы
24 CPU, 64 RAM
Form an optimal configuration for your tasks with the support of our experts

GPU Nvidia A100

the unprecedented performance of nvidia® tesla® a100 in linxcloud helps to solve the most power-hungry business tasks

3rd-generation Tensor Cores allow for precise 64-bit floating point calculations.

Memory bandwidth at over 2 terabytes per second (TB/s), a 100% increase over the previous generation.

Can be partitioned into 7 GPU instances to dynamically adjust to shifting demands.

What tasks solves LINX GPU

GPU-accelerated virtual workspaces

Organize a remote workplace with the TESLA A100 in just a couple of clicks for employees working with graphics. Security and high power due to servers with graphics cards help perform tasks efficiently from any location.

High Performance Computing

NVIDIA Tesla Accelerators and GPUs significantly reduce the time for hypothesis testing, testing a minimum viable product version (MVP) to accelerate time to market for a product or solution.

Machine learning

Deep neural network computation, fast training on datasets. Cloud servers with GPUs allow continuous running of programs, allowing neural networks to be trained for AI projects faster than on standard hardware.

Artificial intelligence acceleration

Reduced time to results thanks to ultra-fast cloud-based graphics gas pedals. This allows you to run high-tech projects, conduct complex scientific research with a lot of computation, and create models based on big data.


Создание, рендеринг, монтаж роликов — все это требует мощного оборудования. Серверы с GPU решают эту проблему за счет перенос процессов обработки в облако. Они позволяют транслировать видео в высоком разрешении и быстро менять формат файлов.


Технологии GPU ускоряют выполнение ресурсоемких задач по 3D-моделированию, подготовке иллюстрации и обработке фотографий. Cloud серверы помогают избежать зависаний, часто возникающих при работе даже на самых мощных стационарных компьютерах.

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Cloud computing

Cloud computing

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