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Linx провайдер облачных решений и услуг ЦОД для бизнеса под брендами Linx Datacenter and Linx Linx Cloud. Компания работает на ИТ-рынке с 2001 г. и входит в ТОП-10 российских провайдеров IaaS для Enterprise 2023 и ТОП-3 среди IaaS-провайдеров по привлекательности ценового предложения 2023 (по версии CNews). 

Linx отличает кастомизированный подход к предоставлению услуг IaaS and PaaS для крупного и среднего бизнеса. Особое внимание мы уделяем безопасности, являясь сертифицированным поставщиком инфраструктурных решений в области хранения и обработки персональных данных (152-ФЗ). 

Cloud platform Linx Linx Cloud развернута на базе двух собственных ЦОД Linx Datacenter уровня TIER III в Москве и Санкт-Петербурге. The company Linx входит в холдинг «ЭР-Телеком».







we support the business growth of our russian and international customers by providing a secure data center network and a multi-cloud environment for it infrastructure and data


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history of linxdatacenter

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    New data center under construction in Moscow

    Linxdatacenter begins the construction of a new data center in Moscow. The planned capacity includes 4,000 server racks and up to 50 MW power supply. The data center building will include office spaces for Linxdatacenter clients. The investments in the project total $200 million.

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    A renewed cloud strategy

    Linxdatacenter adopts a new cloud strategy that includes the development of new AI-focused virtual services in cooperation with international technological partners.

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    New services and modernized cloud infrastructure

    Linxdatacenter’s hardware, virtual, and network infrastructure passes the PCI DSS certification. The Saint Petersburg data center confirms the conformity with the standards of the Uptime Insititute Management & Operations Stamp of Approval.

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    Launch of Secure Cloud 152-FZ

    For companies processing large amounts of personal data of Russian citizens, Linx offers an all-in-one solution that includes cloud computing resources, cloud storage, and reliable security tools as a service. Secure Cloud 152-FZ allows companies to comply with the Russian Personal Data Law for IT infrastructure.

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    Launch of Linx Cloud Connect

    Linx offers a novel connectivity solution for secure access to the global cloud. The company completes the Management & Operation audit conducted by Uptime Institute.

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    hyper-converged cloud HyperCloud

    Linxdatacenter launches HyperCloud, the first hyperconverged cloud solution in Russia, based on Cisco HyperFlex, develops technological potential of its data centers, professionalism and competence of its team and expands the range of consulting and IT-services aimed to develop customers' business. The company is among the top 5 largest data centers in Russia. Linxdatacenter is three highly reliable data centers in Russia and abroad with the total area of 14800 m2 and total capacity of 19,5 MW.

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    The Moscow data center further increases its capacity

    Linx expands its Moscow data center with three new modules. The company’s global business is sold to China-based CITIC Telecom CPC. The deal includes Linx Telecommunication B.V. and its subsidiaries controlling the Tallinn data center, the submarine fiber optic cable between Scandinavia, the Baltics, and Russia, and 40 offices and facilities in 20 countries.

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    Telecommunications network

    The Linx group of companies is developing a telecommunications network by connecting the city of Almaty, the Republic of Kazakhstan to it.

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    Launch of LinxCloud in Russia

    LinxCloud solutions become available to clients in Russia based on all the Linx technological facilities.

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    Linx launches a data center in Poland

    Linx begins the operations of its data center in Poland. The Saint Petersburg data center becomes the base for the integrated LinxCloud platform for innovative cloud solutions.

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    Construction of a data center in Saint Petersburg

    Linx begins the construction of a Saint Petersburg data center based on the highest standards for security and reliability of critical data storage. The state-of-the-art data center becomes the company’s largest technological facility.

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    Moscow data center increases capacity

    Linx’s data center in Moscow launches its fifth module for 100 server racks. The company acquires Warsaw DC Sp Zo and begins the construction of a new data center in Warsaw. The data center services business is rebranded to Linxdatacenter.

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    Linx acquires WideXs

    Linx expands operations to Russia and acquires WideEx. Launch of Moscow data center, which begins to offer colocation and application hosting services. Linx expands its own telecommunication network, connecting a new IXP in the United Kingdom and Georgia

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    New offices across the European Union

    Linx opens new offices in Hungary, Ukraine, and Germany.

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    Linx acquires Norby

    With the acquisition of Norby, Linx establishes ownership over united Metro network and VOIP telephony solutions in the Baltics. Launch of Tallinn data center.

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    International expansion continues

    Linx expands its footprint in Europe with new offices in Finland and Sweden. Linx invests in a submarine fiber optic cable connecting Stockholm, Tallinn, and Helsinki.

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    International expansion begins

    Linx develops a network of offices in Russia, Poland, and the Baltics.

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    Founding of Linx Telecommunications B.V.

    Linx Telecommunications B.V. (Linxtelecom) founded in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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